Natural Remedies for Healthy Kids

Make this your family’s healthiest year yet…

Do you do everything possible to keep your kids healthy, but still feel like you are constantly running to the pediatrician?

Have you heard other moms talking about foods or natural solutions for things like ear infections or colds, and wish YOU had more confidence using natural remedies?

Is there a nagging feeling inside you that wishes you didn’t have to use Tylenol or other over the counter medications, but you just don’t know the alternatives?

If this sounds familiar, join my good friend Amara Wagner for this free tele-class, Natural Remedies for Healthy Kids. Even though this tele-class is free, Amara is going to share tons of information and tools that you can begin using immediately, to help make this your family’s healthiest year yet.  During this class, you will learn:

  • Why natural remedies play a crucial role in your child’s long-term health
  • Simple things you can do to start boosting your entire family’s immune system
  • What you need to know to make sure that you are choosing the right remedies that really work

You don’t want to miss this! Learning with Amara can help shift your family from feeling sick and tired to vibrant and healthy. Her tips are simple yet profoundly effective.


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